Today, we need to pay more attention to our digital profiles. We have to look and act a certain way. The first thing people look for when they check your business website or profile is your professional photos or images.

Now that we’ve decided that a simple photo makes the difference between success and failure, let’s see what you can do to make sure your photo represents you in the most appropriate way.

Choose a professional photographer

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While it can be expensive, choosing a professional photographer is a good investment in your career. Select 3-5 professional photographers, look through their portfolios, websites and client testimonials, and choose a photographer whose style matches yours. Make sure you choose someone with portrait experience.

If you can’t afford a professional photo session, ask a colleague to help you. Taking a selfie is the worst idea you can think of. Instead of focusing on your posture and facial expression, you will focus on the camera. Also, a second opinion can help a lot. Consider trying out a good photo editor, just in case you decide to take a professional photo yourself. Photo editing software is easy to learn and use and will help you sharpen your image, get the perfect balance between contrast and brightness, and even different variations of the same photo using different presets.

Pay attention to posture

Have you noticed how good celebrities look on the red carpet? It’s not that they are all beautiful, dressed for the occasion, wear expensive cosmetics, they all have good posture. Posture makes a huge difference in first impressions. Nobody wants to look sloppy in front of their clients. Keep your back straight. Imagine that you have a wall behind you that prevents you from standing in a strange position. Use a real wall if that helps. Don’t forget to relax.

Many people don’t know what to do with their hands when they’re posing for the camera. If you correct your posture first, it will be easier for you to find good hand positions. In some photographs, the hands do not appear at all, and this may be better, since body language can say too much about you. If you manage to use body language to your advantage, fine, if not, then better off without it.

Attitude, attitude and more attitude

High image quality and good posture are essential, but not enough. A professional photograph must convey the right message. It should fit with your brand, your personality, and your career goals. Many people think that hiding behind a neutral image is all it takes, but that’s not the case. People are tired of the usual image of a businessman. They want creativity, charm and honesty. Social networks have turned us into unhappy people. We are surrounded by “perfect” selfies, they are edited and not true. Times are changing and we are starting to appreciate authenticity and character. Think about the look and style. How do you see the modern businessman?

Show yourself to customers, be calm and natural. Smile, they’ll love it, wear comfortable clothes and make-up, think of everyone who sees and appreciates your portrait. Attitude comes from within.

A professional image will make a big impression on people who want to work with you. You need a high quality image. You also need good posture. Although you are the main subject, the composition can include a background that matches your business. However, keep in mind that your resume, background, and accomplishments are far more important than anything else. People didn’t buy Apple products because Steve Jobs looked good. Build your business on results, improve it every day and show people the real you.