In my understanding, this is your photo that sells you, one way or another. It can be directly, as a private specialist, or indirectly, as a representative of a large company, but it sells. This is her meaning. A good business portrait is not done for show. It solves very specific problems of image, trust of customers and / or partners. And this is an investment that can pay off many times over.

Human resource manager training people about company and future prospects. Group of businesspeople sitting in meeting room and listening to the speaker. Leader man training his work group in a conference room.

A person perceives the overwhelming amount of information visually. And if the text needs to be read and comprehended, then the photo is read instantly. And, often, it is for him that a person decides whether to read the text that is next to this photo. A photo is a hook with which you will hook the people you need.

With photos of goods, such as pizza, everything is clear. It should be juicy, beautiful, appetizing. And with a business portrait it should be exactly the same! Your photo must be liked. You must like it.

Just a week ago, I chose a specialist at one of the major service aggregators. Several hundred responses came to my application, most of them with good conditions, pleasant and promising texts. But I was quite surprised to see what kind of photos the pros use on this site. A screenshot from a webcam is not the worst option. What do you think, which specialist did I end up choosing? This is a person with whom I will have to work personally. Therefore, personal sympathy is important. And of course, other things being equal, I will choose the one whose photo I will be pleased with, where you can see how a person relates to everything in his life – to appearance, to quality in everything. Where I see a friendly look and a confident smile.

These are seemingly obvious enough things. But… What photo do you use to market yourself as a professional?