The question is difficult. There is no single answer to it, because you need to take into account a large number of factors that are individual for each type of filming. But let’s try to figure out which factors have the strongest influence in favor of one or another option. I will make a reservation that we are talking about photos with people, and not about the subject or about shooting production.

1. In any case, the photographer must conduct a primary selection: remove duplicates and frank marriage (misses in focus, closed eyes, etc.).

2. A client who selects his own photos is often subjective: he tries to choose not the best photos, but those that correspond to his inner vision of himself. Also, usually, clients are very afraid of photographs, where, in their opinion, shortcomings that they do not like in themselves are visible. Although in 99% of cases other people do not notice these shortcomings.

3. The photographer is also subjective. He usually pays too much attention to technical quality, composition and proper lighting, forgetting that it is important for the client to please himself.

4. Sometimes, there is one more nuance: if you need to select a photo for retouching, the client does not always understand what can be done easily and quickly in Photoshop, what is possible, but very laborious, and where, in general, you don’t need to do anything . I had this several times. I send ready-made photos with color correction, please send 10 (from an hour shooting) for detailed retouching. And they send me the top 10 photos … With which you don’t need to do anything at all, they are already good.

5. I already wrote that photographers do not like to give away the source. This, of course, is also an important factor. But if I give a photo to a client to choose from, I don’t give the source (RAW), but raw and reduced jpeg files directly from the camera (I shoot in both formats at once).

6. Photo selection is work. Of course, it depends on the volume, if we talk about an hour-long shooting, this is not very long. And if 2 hours, 3? If this work is constantly performed by a photographer, accordingly, he will raise the price of shooting, because his labor costs increase.

7. Desire of the client. Everything is simple here. Someone wants to get everything ready on a turn-key basis, someone, on the contrary, wants to actively participate in the process himself.

8. Purpose of shooting. It is clear that if the photo is for personal use, this is one thing. And if, for example, for publication in a journal it is different, here, most likely, third parties will take part in the choice.

So those are the main factors. Each shooting is individual, each client and photographer is the same. Therefore, if you are trying to make a specific decision – go over them applicable to your specific situation, weigh the pros and cons, discuss among yourselves. This will allow you to find an option that suits both parties. Also, we should not forget about compromise options, perhaps they will be the best. You can select photos together: either directly together, or part is selected by the client, part – by the photographer. And yet, you can involve third parties for greater objectivity.

Personally, I usually discuss this point with each client after the shooting, tell the pros and cons of each option, and together we make a decision.

How are you doing? Write your opinion in the comments. Happy photo sessions everyone!